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The German Late Bloomers Thread

Big Internet Group LLC. 

I always felt we needed a thread that plays around
"The lost talents thread: Players who did not realize their potential."

Germany is a country that has loads of late bloomer players. Its interesting to track down the progress of such players.

if one looks at current SNT we have numerous late bloomers in there too.

This thread is to mostly focus on the once promising players who aren't far off from 1BL level and who got derailed by whatever during their careers and... Читать дальше...

Israel presses on with strikes in Gaza after World Court ruling

Cyprus Mail 

Israeli forces killed more than 30 people in new attacks in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian medics said on Saturday, the day after judges at the top United Nations court ordered Israel to halt its offensive on the southern Gazan city of Rafah. Though Israel pressed on with its offensive against the Palestinian militant group Hamas, mediated negotiations between the […]

Mother of murdered soldier demands justice in protest

Cyprus Mail 

A demonstration was held on Saturday outside the Legal Service for Thanasis Nicolaou, where his mother, Andriana, called on state authorities for justice over her son’s murder while in the National Guard in 2005. She said, “The message of today’s gathering is that we want to live in a state of law and not a […]

Jornada 14 - DC vs da-fahhhhrrrr

Big Internet Group LLC. 

Who: Your local franchisee football club - DC United. Go talons?
What: Soccer Night in DC
Where: Audi AF
When: Saturday March 25th 2024, 7:39PM KO
Why: eh....not sure...scheduled match or something
How: the fire suck...that's how.

P/I/P Season 29 Game 15: LA Galaxy vs Houston, 5/25/24, 7:30 p.m. PDT Apple TV

Big Internet Group LLC. 

View attachment 261779

The start of the home stand. Gonna need 10-12 points over these 5 games if we wanna prove we are serious contenders this season. The time for excuses is over. Time to put up or shut up. Winless in the prior 5, the team really needs to kick off this run of games with a win.

Let's Go Galaxy!!

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