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The SPY Debrief: Actor Tony Curran on His Go-To Indulgences


The Scottish actor — and star of the new series 'Mary & George' — reveals his favorite products and what his Instagram algorithm thinks of him.

Tony Curran is in his opulence era. At 54, the Scottish actor’s resumé is longer than his trademark red beard. He may be best known by YouTube-loving nerds for his portrayal of Vincent van Gogh in Doctor Who and to movie-loving nerds for his several stints in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he’s been in innumerable productions. He has earned his new crown. 

In Mary & George (April 5, STARZ), which is based on real events, George Villiers (Nicholas Galitzine), the 1st Duke of Buckingham, begins an affair with King James VI (Curran). Orchestrated by George’s mother, Mary Villiers (Julianne Moore), the tryst is a play for power in the Court of England. The series looks, as Curran puts it, “like a Caravaggio painting.” Chiaroscuro for days.

SPY spoke to Curran about how he indulges the “royal we.” 

What is the first purchase you remember making with your own money? Why did you choose it? 

Growing up, my dad owned a record player. When I was seven years old, in the late 1970s, I remember buying a vinyl LP of the Stevie Wonder album Hotter Than July. It has a picture of Stevie Wonder on the front with dreadlocks and beads of sweat coming down — I still have it. Shortly after that, I think I bought a Walkman. Big consumer! I was obviously making a few quid.

What direct-to-consumer ads do your algorithms feed you? Put another way, who does your algorithm think you are? Is it on par with how you think of yourself, or not so much?

My algorithm thinks of me as a clotheshorse. Or a clothes whore — if I can say that — in the sweetest of senses. I think I’m quite similar to King James in that way. He loved his clothes. He loved his bling. 

The ring I’m wearing right now is the ring I wore as King James. Annie Symons, our wonderful costume designer, gave it to me. I’m not quite sure how old this ring is. I don’t think it’s from the 16th century.

I would assume it’s not.

You never know. It might be worth something. Antiques Roadshow! But I think my algorithm is retail therapy. I do love a bit of clobber, as we say in the old country. When I was younger, I was a terrible man for a leather jacket.

What are three items you carry every day?

My wallet, my phone, and my glasses. I think writing’s getting smaller, or maybe my eyes are getting worse. 

If you could be a spokesperson for an existing brand, what would it be and why?

Oh boy. It would be something like a skin cream — a really good skin cream.

But can you imagine me being a skincare brand ambassador? Like, “Hey, I’m Tony Curran and I work for Kiehl’s! Nice to meet you!”

So you use Kiehl’s.

I also use Dermalogica. It’s not so bad. 

But I work with so many makeup artists. When you’re on set, you have to get to know the wardrobe people because they give you free shit, as my mom calls it. Also, the caterers, because they feed you, and the makeup and hair stylists, because they make you look good. In my case, that’s debatable. But they often give me free samples.

I’m also a terrible terrible tart when it comes to smells. I do like a good cologne.

Do you wear the same scent daily or have a rotating fragrance wardrobe? 

I have several. I’m not monogamous when it comes to cologne. I have many different wives. Today, I’m wearing Vanille Antique by BYREDO. It’s quite nice. 

You influenced me, there.

Maybe I’ll be an influencer. Maybe I’ll be a perfume and facial products influencer. I don’t know if anyone would buy it. But if I’ve influenced you, then that’s a start.

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