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Emily Morgan itv

Small Heath Alliance 

Rip. Lung cancer. Aged 45. Was still working for itv less than 2 months ago.

Honestly people. Live life the the full man. Do what you wanna do. Because you never know what's around the corner.

Murals (18 replies)

Small Heath Alliance 

Just seen a post on FB showing numerpus murals painted around Anfield, it does look impressive, it would be amazing to have someting similar around the facelifted StAndrews featuring heroes going back in time, who would we have?

Re: Murals

Small Heath Alliance 

steve aerobic


steve aerobic

Just seen a post on FB showing numerpus murals painted around Anfield, it does look impressive, it would be amazing to have someting similar around the facelifted StAndrews featuring heroes going back in time, who would we have?

Slight tangent, but have a look at ‘Batman’s Alley’ in Sao Paolo, it’s extremely impressive! And a must visit to anyone going that way.

Weirdly enough Richarlison seems to be the most beloved football... Читать дальше...

Tonight’s Boxing

Small Heath Alliance 

Cards all over the shop tonight.

Flicking between Leigh Wood Vs Lara and Okolie Vs Billam-Smith-Smith.

Sam Eggington on now always a tear up with him.

Re: RIP SoccerAM

Small Heath Alliance 

Of its time it did some great easy watching viewing on a very low budget. Promoted new music too.

All the daft stuff and skits mentioned. I always loved the 'what is that' at the world cup merchandise every week for the World Cup Wall. Nothing really special about it was just somehow funny. Lovejoy has lots of knockers but he was excellent on it.

Baxter Dury (1 reply)

Small Heath Alliance 

The new one is rather good. If you like that sort of thing.

Transfer priority (8 replies)

Small Heath Alliance 

Got to be a striker surely?

Looking at Cov and Luton they really aren’t anything special but both have a striker who can consistently score.

Juke and Hogan have their strengths but we really need another striker or two

Re: Transfer priority

Small Heath Alliance 

Everything is a priority at the moment really. We have Roberts and Longelo as defenders as it stands from last seasons match day squads.

Good luck…… (4 replies)

Small Heath Alliance 

….to Jude today if he plays (knee injury)
Dortmund can break the boring 10 year dominance of Bayern winning the league continually

Do us proud son ????

RIP SoccerAM (9 replies)

Small Heath Alliance 

Sad but given the crap it’s become, inevitable. Was the best and most unique sports show in the world at one point.


What’s for Breakfast?

Small Heath Alliance 

Mrs BlueNation is away this weekend so am meeting up with my mum and going out for breakfast.

Planning on a full English ????

Brown sauce naturally, at least one cup of tea.

Meeting a friend this afternoon for a couple of pints so the breakfast will be a good foundation I reckon.

Re: Heardle continued

Small Heath Alliance 

60s - nope - I’d forgotten all about this one

70s - 1 skip

80s - nope

90s - nope

00s - nope - agree re release decade John

Re: TAKEOVERqqqqqqqqqqqqq

Small Heath Alliance 


Is this another mind-numbing thread about the takeover or is this a new strain,a mind-numbing thread about the wait for the takeover?

I'd like to know before I contribute.

Where the fck's that breakfast thread?

Читать дальше...

Re: Electric bikes

Small Heath Alliance 

Had a lad on one Thursday evening in front of us for about half a mile, zig zagging across the road directly in front of us. My missus just held back and gave him space to do his shit, but a car behind was beeping his horn obviously peed off. It’s a recipe for disaster if that becomes the norm. Speed, saftness, no helmet and big lumps of metal following you

Electric bikes

Small Heath Alliance 

Maybe this Cardiff incident with the 2 kids will lead to something else? It seems like a lot of people are taking the speed limiters off and I see lots of people (couriers delivering food usually) flying around on them at big speeds. I reckon others are going to get hurt and there seems to be a trade being made by someone to supply these things as surely they’d be out of the price range of a lot of people? The internet is full of stuff showing how to over ride the limiter, which is illegal.
... Читать дальше...

Re: Tomorrow's playoff final

Small Heath Alliance 

Bcfc 26

Rab C Nesbitt

Stuff them both and them all.

Won't be saying that if your bet comes in thoughdon't mind who wins but Luton to get to the Premier is a fairytale, especially as only a few years ago they were non league

TAKEOVER (16 replies)

Small Heath Alliance 

Is there a date that this takeover has to be done by or what .


Small Heath Alliance 


Le Mod

People are gonna start getting really tetchy in a few weeks once teams start signing players, it’s gonna be unbearable

Some of the coach one prawn sandwich gang are already whining on Twitter, 10 years waiting for a proper takeover and they can’t wait one more month

Yep that’s what I was getting at, until this is over the line everyone’s going to be unbearable! I get it to some degree as non of us want it to go tits up.
But until it’s signed... Читать дальше...

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